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Aged Care Facility Cleaning
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Whether it is an aged care facility or a medical facility, high standard is cleaning is necessary to keep the environment clean and germ free. Cleaning should be carried out as a part of routine in aged care facility as aged people or seniors quickly get affected by the spread of infections due to low immunity. We at ASAP CLEAN ensure that our commercial cleaning services meet high standards of aged care facility. We have put in several years of experience in the commercial cleaning industry, so we clearly understand areas that need effective cleaning in Aged care facility.

Our aged care facility cleaning services aims at providing clean, dust and germ free environment for not only the seniors residing in the facility but also for the visitors. We are reputed for providing professional and reliable cleaning services in the industry. Our cleaning staff is experienced and is trained to carry out work in an effective while adhering to safe work practices.

Our cleaning staff wear clean and tidy uniforms to ensure hygiene and for security reasons. They guide and assist staff and residents in other cleaning activities of the facility if requested by the aged care facility. Cleaning chemical used by us are highly effective at the same are safe .We discuss the process of cleaning, equipment and cleaning chemicals to be used with the client and use them only after approval is received from the client. Heavy and expensive equipment used by us for cleaning helps us to achieve desired cleaning results quickly.