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Questions to ask end of lease cleaning service companies

Questions to ask end of lease cleaning service companies
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As the old tenants move out at the end of the lease period, you need to clean and prepare your property for a new tenant. A spic and span property will not only have better aesthetics but will also help you fetch better rents from the new tenants. It is thus important that you scrub the floors, clean the walls, wash the driveways, clear the garden space and remove all debris from the odd corners of the building.

The question that comes up here is that do you really have all the time to invest on this end of lease cleaning activity? In most likeliness, your answer would be no, you do not have the time. Even if you have the time, you may not have the proficiency to clean these spaces immaculately to restore its original aesthetic appeal. The solution to this problem is to hire end of lease clean service Sydney based companies who have the knowledge and experience to carry out the tough task of cleaning the whole property in a short span of time.

However, before you hire, you need to check out all the service providers who offer end of lease cleaning in Sydney or your city. While checking them out, you need to ask a few questions to them to understand if they are the best option of end of lease clean service Sydney professionals for you or not.

Will they handle rubbish removal?

Not every end of lease clean service Sydney Company includes removal of rubbish in their list of offered services. It is thus important that you ask them categorically whether they would do that without charging anything extra. Even if they charge you something extra for that, it is wise to let them handle the removal of rubbish from the property.

How will they clean the windows?

Unless you ask them specifically, most

Are the cleaning contractors insured?

This is a very important question to ask. Ideally you would want the contractor to be covered under public liability insurance so that any damage caused by them would get covered by the insurance. If the company or the contractor is not insured, you may want to look for end of lease cleaning services somewhere else.

How much time will they take to complete the cleaning task?

You would definitely want to the cleaning project to linger on for long and hence this becomes a very legitimate question for you to ask the cleaning contractors. Ideally it should not take anything more than 6-7 hours for a professional cleaning contractor to clean a home.

Will they provide any bond back guarantee?

This is more apt for tenants who hire the professionals forend of lease cleaning in Sydney. Ideally, the cleaning company should guarantee that tenant will get 100% of the bond amount back from the landlord. If they do not give this guarantee, there are chances that the cleaning will not be adequate and the tenant will end up getting a cut on the bon money.

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